Learn how to put customer's engagement into the core of your product!

UnternehmerTUM offers a 4h workshop with Donna Lichaw, author of the bestselling book »The User's Journey: Storymapping Products That People Love«

Thursday, 8. Jun 2017
13:00 to 17:00
@UnternehmerTUM in Garching

This workshop is for you if ...

• ... you are a product owner, designer, content or marketing strategist, team leader, or entrepreneur who builds products, services, or campaigns that people engage with.

• … you want to develop and launch successful ideas, products, features, and campaigns that excite people (stakeholders and users) and move them to action.

• …you need a lightweight, fast, and portable way to collaborate with your team, stakeholders, and even users so you can more effectively generate bullet-proof product ideas, prototypes, and builds.

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